Collab With Rebcake @ Stuffie Adventures!!!!

Hello Guys!!!!

I just remembered that I did a collab interview with the lovely Rebcake @ Stuffie Adventures!

Well, technically I did it with a stuffie by the name of……………….


This is her!!!

Let’s begin!

Her Questions My Answers:

1. Who is the messiest person you know?
The messiest person I know is probably my… brother.

2. If you could know the absolute and total truth to one question, what would it be?
I would like to know why people snore. (Of course I could just Google that but I’m    kinda lazy and Google may not help)

3. What’s the most overrated virtue?
Hm… I think the most overrated virtue is patience. Everyone thinks patience is something in everyone, but trust me, I don’t think so.

4. Describe your best friend in five words.
Funny, honest, cheeky (please don’t tell her that), animal lover.

5. Show us the latest picture you’ve taken!

6. Describe your perfect room.
Ahh my room. Well, it has red and light pink walls, has a white wardrobe, light pink bedspread, and it currently smells of vinegar because my mum is using that to clean the walls of mould!

7. List your top 3 favourite foods and why you like them.
I like pizza cause it is full of different types of foods, pasta because its easy to eat, and cake because its sweet and fluffy!
8. What’s your favourite way to relax?
Sleeping hahaha!
9. What’s your dream job and why?
My dream job would be an author because I love writing!!!!
10. What city would you most like to live in?
I would like to visit New York, but not live there because wherever I’m living now is perfectly fine 😊
11. What are you most likely to become famous for?
I’ll probably be famous for my writing XD
And that is the end of our lovely interview!!!!!!!
By the way, I was supposed to post this yesterday but halfway through typing the post, I had to leave 😦
And also, I have a question:
Right now, every time I comment, when my name is being clicked it will take me to Authors Press. I don’t want that to happen! How do I make it come to Starling?
If anyone has answers, please lemme know!
 Keep Shining!
~ Starling

28 thoughts on “Collab With Rebcake @ Stuffie Adventures!!!!

  1. I can make a ‘secret page’ if you want and give you the link and I’ll ask you questions there and you can answer them and then I’ll delete it afterwards maybe? Did that even make sense 😛


  2. No I could make it so that no one can see it unless they search it up or I give them the link. Or I could ask you the questions in a comment and you answer it and I just won’t approve your reply and then I’ll delete it afterwards? I think that would work better.

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  3. WordPress enables a feature called ‘primary site’, which is the site that when people. Click on your username it will take you there. Just go to you account settings and change your primary site to Starling7. 🙂
    Hope this helped!

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