1 Award & 1 Tag


Guess what? I already  nominated for 1 tag and 1 award!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Actually, I already did the award but I’m still gonna do it anyway 😛

Let’s begin!

The Liebster Award:

I actually did this award on my old blog, but I will do it again here.

By the way, I took the image above from Lizzy who nominated me! Thanks Lizzy! (Her blog is really cool please go see it!)


  • Acknowledge the blogger who nominated you.
  • Answer the 11 questions given by the blogger who nominated you.
  • Nominate 11 other bloggers.
  • Ask 11 new questions for them to answer.

The Questions:

1) What is your least favourite food?
Must be bitter gourd. I really don’t like it.

2) What is one place in the world that you want to visit?
Germany. France. Spain. (I know, that’s 3 but who cares?!)

3) What is something on your bucket list?
I wanna travel and visit many places as possible!

4) Coffee or tea?
I don’t drink both of these so… Milk or Milo for me!

5) What is your favourite book?
Yikes! What a question! Um. Er. Erm. Ehh. I like Land Of Stories. Hehehe.

6) What is your favourite thing about blogging?
Meeting new bloggers, receiving comments, likes, and follows!

7) What are some of your hobbies?
Reading, writing, drawing, sleeping, blogging!

8) Sweet or salty?

9) Would you rather travel back in time or go to the future?
Travel back in time because I like surprises so I don’t want my future to be ruined!

10) Do u play any sports?
Yes. Badminton. And also captain ball. For fun.

11) What is your favourite TV show?
Gravity Falls, Kickin’ It, Pair of Kings, Lab Rats, Gamer’s Guide to Pretty Much
Everything, many more.

I Nominate:

All my followers! Because I have 12 of them. Which is close to 11. So there.

My Questions:

1) Reading or writing?

2) Photography or drawing?

3) Favourite emoji?

4) How many followers do you have on your blog?

5) Favourite word?

6) Favourite number?

7) What is the weather like as you answer this question?

8) What is the best joke you have ever heard?

9) Marvel or D.C?

10) Are you an indoor or outdoor person?

11) Favourite thing about nature?

And that concludes the Liebster Award!

Now onto the….

Vlogging Tag!

Thanks a bunch, Enni for tagging me! (CHECK OUT HER BLOG!)


  1. Thank the person who nominated you and leave a link to their  blog.
  2. Write a post (it can be about absolutely anything) and don’t edit it at all, like you would if you were vlogging. No back spacing or deleting allowed. (But if you make a typo that looks like an inappropriate word, then you can delete it.) It does not have to include pictures, but if you do include them, no editing allowed either.
  3. Nominate 5 other people and let them know you nominated them.

Ok, let’s start!

ermmmm what do i een wit about oh man…

Please ignore my rypos agrh I almost backspaced something!

Ok, lets talk about…. a radnom picture gah

Image result for random images

I googlesd ranodm picture and this came out!

That’s a card from Clash Royale. I play that btw.

And my usernma is Starling. That’s where I got my blog name from.

Oh hey! I’m getting berrter at this oh vet ajs never mind

Boohoo hoo I am so bad at this arggggggggggggggggh

Next random picture! Oh tn I keep backspacing stuff! Tnh idc about my tupos

gah neeajkhfsdl ahjfaiosdh anjklafnsioeryf a

Those were on puropse by the wat’

Ok, timek rato end my tag? Or do you wanna see more of my tyois?

Image result for the end

There. I ended it.

Phew! That was hardddddddddd!

My Nominees:

Beezus the Bear

Elysian Artiste




And NOW my award and tag is completed!

Keep Shining!

~ Starling


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